Beautiful People & Places: Aruba Style

Welcome to our new project… Beautiful People & Places of the world. 

After having some major WANDERLUST and being inspired with the likes of Humans of New York  (@humansofnewyork) and People of Park Street in Hartford, CT (@peopleofparkstreet), we could not help but share the beautiful connections we are making around the world. That is what life is about, right? Connections.

We would like to introduce you to the beauty of Aruba. There motto is One Happy Island. Holy schnikies… they’re right! From the moment we got off the plane to the cab ride back to the airport our last day, we were showered with smiles and love. There’s a reason why people go back yearly.

Here’s some 3 reasons we would love to recommend this happy lil place:

1) Smiles for days: Let’s start with the best reason to go to Aruba… the people! This is a place where the everyone from hotel staff to the bus boys are rediculously sweet (or as they say “Duschi” meaning sweet). They live in paradise yet, they are genuinely humble and grateful to host you. If you’re thinking “well yeah they have to be, tourism is kinda their thing”… ok, I’m with that BUT, as people of the city, we’re all good at seeing through the BS… there was none. To get that full happy connection, check out the boutique people of Aruba Aloe and this gem of a restaurant…

2) Chicken & Lobster, owned by Dutch Chef, Michael Van Dorst. He took the time to chat with us about his passion of “ocean to table” He said “Do you want to see how fresh our food is”…. proceeding to walk out this freakin barracuda caught that morning. We cannot tell you enough good things about the servers Jessica and Louis- Anna. It was as if we were with old friends. They were so grateful and humble. Their “passion for quality food, made from scratch”, shinned through.If you go, please try the empanadas (made by a local woman).

3) Safety: It was VERY safe. Have you ever stayed at a resort and knew you could not leave those grounds? After living in big & populated areas, don’t we have that little voice, “hey don’t walk down that street”… We never heard that little voice. Aruba is made for adventures. We walked all over Eagle beach & Palm beach feeling very safe day and night.

Travel on friends!

If you know any places or people who have a beautiful aura … email us or comment below. We love to meet beautiful warriors


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