Live life … B.I.G. (A tip to remember things before you leave the house)

Oh boy! Today was the 3rd day in arrow that I left my house without my keys to my office. Some people learn from their mishaps and others (ahem… me) don’t so much. I’ve even gone as far as leaving them IN the door and walking inside. Oh help me!

Am I senile?Do I need to buy one of those tiles? I don’t even know how that thing works ha, ha. In the spirit of listening to our elders, I’m told by my father to “have checklist and get your head out of your ASS” AKA slowwwwww down.

Here’s his tip for from him. He stops at the door and says “BIG” (Before I Go), this is the prompt to think of what you need (wallet, lunch, keys, etc). Take it a step further, if you’re like us and still can’t get it together, make billeted list of your essentials and tape to the door. (God help us if this doesn’t work lol)

Btw here’s a picture of the my dad, at the only place in NYC that he likes (prospect park), who refers to our family as “strong people from the mountains” (aka Berkshires).

Comment below or find us on FB if anyone else have a trick that work for you

With peace and love,




2 thoughts on “Live life … B.I.G. (A tip to remember things before you leave the house)

  1. B.I.G…Love it! I have used a sticky note or checklist from time to time also. Very helpful! I have also left my items that I am not used to taking with me, by the door if they are necessary for the day which I found very helpful…although I have actually still forgotten them before! Oi!

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