Summer Smoothie Recipe

Summer is upon us folks! During these hot times, it can be nice to have a refreshing smoothie. Sometimes even as a dinner (woah no rules!).

According to Katie Diehl (our fav nutritionist) there are some fun facts about some ingredients in this smoothie. (Check out her site for more nutrition support at the

Avocado is a healthy/good fat which means it is also slowly digestible which means, it will slow down the digestion in the ingredients in the shake which will avoid sugar level spikes and hunger 30 mins post shake! 



• 1 Frozen Banana (frozen banana is key to making this shake!)

• 1/4 Ripe Avocado

• 1 Tablespoon Cacao (I use Navitas Cacao)

• 1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (I use 365 Brand)

• 1/2 Tablespoon Maple Syrup


1 Combine all ingredients into a blender and blend away!  I usually let mine run for a good 45 secs to allow the frozen banana to chop properly!

2 That’s IT!!  It’s that easy!

Any recipes you’d like us to feature? Comment below or email us


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