This is no buzzfeed: 9 reasons living in NYC is good for the (sassy) mind, body, & spirit

Thank you NYC for making me a badass warrior.

For all the crazy that is NYC there are some great advantag. I know this has been written about 9837394782 times so I can only tell you about my experience in finding peace for my soul. We all know there are some really kickass food and bars but I was thinking more on along the lines of personal growth.

When I moved to NYC I was 27 and I really thought I had my shit together. wow, was I wrong! Apparently I needed a personal crisis to realize how un-“together” I was. Perhaps you have experienced the same?

This is my positive spin on a crazy busy city

1)You realize your limits:

Being a “yes” personal living in NYC was exhausting. I wanted to see and do everything all while working 40+ hours. I wasn’t listening to what my body wanted until it started screaming, “hey asshole slow down! Take a breath” (actually that may have been my dad telling me that- not the asshole part). Your body needs (demands) recharging. for me it was the beautiful oasis of yoga.

2) You find your people (name your fetish):

No matter your craft, hobby, or fetish you will find that someone else shares the same joy. There are all types of places;  vampire bars to bars, bars with cats in them, or simply a bar with your favorite sports team. There are places that no one even knows about (perhaps too naughty for the public) but I bet if you ask the right people and you will find it. Go on fly your freak flag.

3) You realize non-verbal communication is just as good as verbal:

We know rush hour on the train is insane! There’s a lot of non-verbal stuff happening here. Like the “head bob” to indicate you’re trying to get off a train that’s packed or the “I’m sorry smile and wave” when you are running across 5th ave because you think you can out run that blur of yellow cabs flying at you.

4) You turn into the best advocate:

Whether at work or play New Yorkers are really good at telling people to screw off (not always a bad thing). Coming from a small town I would get walked over and feel like I had to please everyone. I am getting much better setting boundaries for other people.

5)You can budget your ass- off:

Moving to another apartment is like putting a down payment on a house. I remember trying to make my $$ stretch and still have date nights with my man and friends. Don’t under estimate the power of $1 pizza, pb&j, and food off st.mark’s in the EV.

6) You find your real friends:

New Yorkers are so busy that no one has time to waste 5 minutes let alone a whole night hanging with a couple of jerks. You realize who are people you truly like rather than just filling time.

7) New York feeds your music-lovin’ soul:

Any one who is anyone stops in NYC on their tours. Underground avant-garde to Madonna (she’s my girl). recently I have been doing yoga to Chet Faker HELLO Betty! guess who’s touring in NYC soon.

8) Nothing ever closes:

Ok I know people know this but for the yogi at heart this is a beautiful thing. Outside a city I find it hard to find a wide variety of times offered (i am not waking up for a 7 am class!). So, thank god for the 9pm classes.

9) You find out what camaraderie looks like:

New Yorkers that were here for 9/11 or more recently Sandi saw some amazing humanity. I can’t speak for 9/11 but Sandi I was here for Sandi and man was it spooky downtown at night. After the first day,Bodegas were opening without electricity to sell candles and they set up charging stations. People were talking to each other NOT texting. Every time I think no one cares in NYC something happens and my faith in humanity is restored. (Thank god for Humans of New York for sharing heartfelt stories).

There are so many of reasons people love NYC. I am just happy I could survive with good life lessons ( I probably would not have admitted it at the time)

Do you have life lessons from NYC? Share them with us




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