#diy #30mins easy upholstery project for NYers #stools

I love a good project!
This is a fun easy project to transform old to new and modern. I didn’t follow a plan I just went for it. I had hand-me-down stools but you could get these at antique shops (there’s a great one on 9th between A and 1st and throughout the west village).
All you need is:
– staple gun ($10-$22)
– fabric (I would get several yards to be sure)
– scissors
– old stools or chairs with a cushion
I put the fabric right side down on the floor and the stool over it. I allow for 3-4 inches extra and simply pleated the fabric around the chair. You will staple as many as you need for it to stay tight when you flip it over again.
Send us some pics of what you’ve done





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