Jolly holly holiday turned “I’ll cut a b*tch” … Hectic holiday solutions

If this is the “most wonderful time of the year”, why are we stressed?
On the train everyone is pushy and sassy. The streets are filled with shoppers darting in and out like maniacs. It’s MAYHEM out here! I am reminded how much I love and hate this time of year. I love the glitter of the city, the smiles in a mostly smile-less town, and buzz in the air at the Pop-up shops. Then I remember, ugh, I have to navigate the city with 383638 tourist in one square foot.

So what happen here? When did a “jolly holly Christmas ” turn into ” I’ll kick you in the face for that toy“.
Maybe, I’m getting older ( wiser), I am over spending money on holidays. Are we running around cause we are trying to impress people with our gift giving or buying things because we have to show tangible appreciation?

If it’s the latter, why don’t we find more authentic / stress-free ways to love spend time.
Here’s some ideas:
– baking the person their favorite treat ( or baking fun things with them)
– picking a day to cook dinner together.
– pick a night to gather with all your friends for happy hour (we all know that’s when you get the best deals)
– making a special craft (see below)
– last one and this is a novel idea, how about we just show up to holiday gatherings, empty handed and heart open?

Let’s make this holiday fun to be with family and friends because we are spending time not money.




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