Questions Answered about Relationships/Dating from Divine Caroline featuring Michelle Gage LCSW

In August, I was invited to be the “expert” (purely because the letters after my name) for an on-line magazine called Divine Caroline piece on relationships.
Check out the hysterical and informative videos:

How to Avoid the Worst Break Up Mistakes

Know if You’re About to Get Dumped

How to Date a Guy with Kids

How to End an Argument in 30 Seconds

How to Deal if Your Partner’s Ex is Still in the Picture

How to End a Bad Date

How to Date a Co-Worker

How to Pick Up Someone at the Gym

How to Avoid an Unwanted Kiss

How to Spot Frenemies

How to Avoid First Date Blunders

How to Resist the Urge to Call an Ex

How to Write the Perfect Online Dating Profile

How to Tell a Friend They’re Making a Mistake Getting Married

How to Turn a One-Night Stand into a Relationship

How to Get Someone to Kiss You

How to Flirt Without Making a Fool of Yourself

How to Handle a Breakup Via Text or E-mail

How to Turn Down a Date Gently

How to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

How to Apologize for a Drunk Text

How to Handle a Long Distance Breakup

How to Deal with a Bad Kisser

How to Date Your Friend’s Ex

How to Pick Up Someone at the Bar


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