Sunday is My Favorite Day

“The pace of a frenetic week slows down and there’s time to breathe”… We love this !

The Meaningful Life Collective

Sunday is my favorite day. The pace of a frenetic week slows down and there’s time to breathe. In our home Sundays are the day we sit down together for a big family breakfast followed by serious downtime. After the go-go734440_orig pace of the workweek and Saturday catch up at home, it feels good to have a day where there’s nothing on the calendar and nowhere in particular to have to be.

I feel like we live heavily scheduled lives and there is an underlying pressure to continually cram more stuff into the limited time we have to work with each day. Instead of feeling productive, there’s a sense of falling ever further behind. Without a break in the action it’s tough to have clarity. Creativity and new ideas show up in the space we create to welcome their arrival. Constantly being on the go squelches creativity – there’s no…

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