Keeping your mind, when you’re stuck in line

So there you are in a long line at the grocery store, metro card line or stuck in traffic (enter image of REM “everybody hurts” video) and you’re about the lose your mind!! We have all been there.

What you imagine in your mind
1) push through the grocery line with your elbows or smashing people’s cars
2) screaming obscenities for all the people, children, and old ladies to hear
Ok let’s be real…
What are the Real options (that are far less reckless)
1) take a huge deep breath (now take 2 more)
2) start humming, listening to music (in the car or grab your ear buds) or whistling (don’t ask where I’ve heard this but people who whistle must be more relaxed… Must be!)
3) let go and let G….(fill in the blank). Yes it sucks you’re in traffic and let’s hope you’re not late. Really though, you have zero control on this which is not entirely a terrible mindset to be in. It’s ok to recognize those menus that realization you are powerless in the situation (how AA of us!). But truly this realization will save your blood pressure.

Share with us what saves you when you’re in these situations?



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