4 ways to stop self -perpetuating drama

“We create our own crisis”

This is a phrase that used to drive me out of my mind! “How can I be creating something I am trying to avoid?” Sometimes I wonder why everyone is so serious and intense all the time, including yours truly. Then, I started reading the “Power of Now” by Eckert Tolle and something…. Clicked! Perhaps it was getting older or, I’d like to think, more insightful. Whatever it was, I started to see that when I am all kinds of flustered and intense, it’s because 85% (or maybe 95%) I have created it.

–          I have 10 minutes before I leave for an appointment and I decide to wash dishes…

–          My friend calls talking about her problems next thing I know I am feeling edgy and negative…

–          I only slept for 6 hours and I might poke someone in the eye…

So, what it this?? Time management, trying to juggle too many things, the state of our world?

I not sure but I do know that it’s really on me to figure it out (right, changing is so easy). Here are some tips:

1)      Prioritize (your time, your money, your energy)

o   STOP and THINK… do I have the time to do these dishes, the money for these, and so on

2)      Don’t be so serious all the time

o   Everything does not have to be so dramatic all the time… watch a cat video or a kid laughing his brains out

3)      Weed out people who add the drama

o   Do I really want/need to call this person right now… If you’re in a place that your already a little fragile maybe it’s not best to call people RIGHT now

4)      Date yourself

o   I know, we all think we know ourselves inside and out. Sadly, the truth is sometimes we are strangers to ourselves, especially when we’re overwhelmed. So, date yourself – find out who you are.

  • Are you someone who needs to make a list of things to- do.
  • Are you someone who needs to shut off the socializing at 10 because you’re tapped out for the day?
  • Are you like a Gremlin (must feed, sleep..)

So, Let the dating begin… You might be interested to find that rise above the drama.



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