2 (ridiculously) simple ways to be well

In honor of Memorial Day I went to a veteran event (my dad would be so happy). So, there I am in a gym in Manhattan watching people jump around like monkeys on speed. I’m thinking, “am I at the right place? Oh! Yup I am”. It was An event with Team Red, White, & Blue (teamRWB.org) and Bandaid to support veterans (I love a good Bandaid & vets). As I’m listening (and getting distracted by the monkeys) I realize Team Red, White, & Blue was founded (by Major Mike Erwin) under a similar mission as Wellness Warriors NYC; helping people Be well, Taking care of your needs & (oh yes) the journey. I interviewed Major Mike, Elizabeth & Tim Hasselbeck (advisory board). Here’s my take away:

1) Stay connected :
Join a team, social group, or, hell, have a Wednesday friends night. The idea is that you’re connecting to others. Connected people are happy people! We are like wolves so find your pack. (If you’re a cat person, get a pride).

2) Physical activity:
Come on, we know that after a walk or jog (even sex, ya I went there) we feel better. Our minds are a little quieter and our shoulders aren’t up to our ears with tension. Get out and get your blood going! At the event they (I say “they”because I watched. Don’t judge).
Morale of the story, veteran or civilian (look I have the lingo) support yourself by connecting to friends and activities.
So, Why not start? (Like now- go for a walk with a friend)


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