Day 1: smoothies challenge:I will have health and my curves too !

In the recent years, I’ve tried or not tried lots of “life style journeys”, shall we say. All of them leaving me frustrated and overwhelmed. (time out: this is not an infomercial though that would have been a great opening. This is just a part of my wellness journey). GAME ON!
I come from a long line of Nordic women with a thick frame to keep warm in the cold New England nights (Well this is what we tell each other to make it ok). This is not to say that I wish I could change my body- I loooove my curves- but I don’t love feeling tired & “logie” (as my
Dad would say) from my nutritional choices. So something has to give… Today is day 1 of NutriBullet (a mixer on crack). This thing blends almonds within inches of their life. We bought it for $150 which came with a book of recipes. We were spending $10 per drink a juice bar. What got my attention is the sections devoted to different ailments (diabetes, cancer, female, male, hormone, cleansing). It’s a no brainer and a much needed change. So here I am, post drink one and I don’t hate it! I mean we’ve all been there, running to
Find a bathroom post morning smoothie… Not today! I will be having one smoothie each Morning for 7 days.
So I’m all in… I want my curves and feel good too!




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