Finding Freedom … using 3 ways

3 ways to find freedom

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I have been trying to think what this word means… not to my family or friends but me! At times, I thought it was financial freedom or emotional or sexual. I think for me… and I can only say for myself… its the feeling of “I am exactly where I am supposed to be”. These moments happen few and far between but man its such a nice feeling. Its calming and reassuring like a really warm ray of sunshine. There’s really nothing like it. You’re not thinking of a to-do list or what happened 2.3 seconds before, its truly a PRESENT moment. So how do you find this? stop TRYING just DO! (easy right lol coming from a self-proclaimed worry wart)…

1) Recognize when you need some freedom. – I know we all have deadlines and bosses but you also need your sanity. Notice if you start to feel distracted while working…when you keep pushing and pushing yourself without space/time/freedom you’re only pushing bad toxic feelings deeper. Take a deep breath, take a walk, say hi to a co-worker. Just give yourself that time… No one will do it for you (especially not bosses). Allow yourself to take time for yourself!

2) use “mindfulness”- – its a fancy shmancy word to describe the act of connecting your sensing to outside objects (the ocean or nature is a good one, or for Christ sakes if your “too busy” use the floor or something near you) . smell, feel, touch, see, listen. Get out of your own mind and connect for even 30 seconds

3) when distracting thoughts come into your head… observe them don’t push them -almost like watching a bird fly. you see it but you don’t have to stand there and think of the details. The details are always there so let your self fly away from them like that bird (damn it’d be nice to be a bird, huh!) alright so there are some tips … go and try! (ready…go & let us know if it did or did not work)


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