Inspiring entrepreneurs series : (Part 1) Get your hair did w/ Kacie Corbelle

 We wanted to take time to honor the amazing men and women who some pretty badass entrepreneurial skills.we were so inspired by their stories of how they have turned their craft into in the amazing things that they’ve done that we wanted to showcase them in the series. More importantly our hope is that we could use their stories to inspire you to follow your dreams (ha! Corny), sometimes we all just need a little push or a good networking or _____(fill in the blank). So here we are with some amazing stories of some amazing people. 

This is an interview with Kacie Corbelle, makeup artist in Boston,Massachusetts. ( know her personally and let me tell you she is one badass gal. She has worked with people like Gisele (Yes, THAT Gisele Bundchen)  and Rob Gronkowski from the patriots ( see below ). 

Who inspires you? I am inspired by the amazingly talented people I work with on a daily basis; all of the photographers, stylists, and models that come together to create a beautiful image. I also draw inspiration from my makeup idols: Pat MgGrath, Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge, and Lottie. Seeing their amazing work pushes me to challenge myself and strive to reach my career goals.

How did you get your first break? I got my first break when I was hired to do hair and makeup at Ruelala. When I applied I had been freelancing for only a couple of months; my portfolio was a collection of images I took myself (shhhh…)! I was SO excited (and a little shocked) when they hired me; it was such a fun experience and I learned a lot! After Ruelala I went on to sign with my agency, Ennis inc,. and my career has taken off since then. It’s important to surround yourself with people who believe in your talent and are as passionate about your career as you are. My agents are rockstars!

What advice would u give other entrepreneurs? I would say that as long as you follow your passion, you will succeed. Passion is a powerful thing and when combined with good ol’ fashioned hard work, dedication, and determination it will render you unstoppable!

What was the moment when you thought , ” is this real?” Working with Gisele was a surreal experience. When I got the call about the gig I didn’t know whether to scream or pass out! I had worked with celebrities in the past but Gisele was my ULTIMATE dream client. She is such an important icon in the fashion industry, I was I was blown away that she wanted me to do her hair and makeup! It was a truly unforgettable day in my career and in that moment I felt that all my hard work over the years had paid off.
“Boston’s Best Bridal makeup artist” – Improper Bostonian PUBLICATIONS
Improper Bostonian Boston Magazine Boston Home Magazine NorthShore Magazine Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitan Mexico
Natural Health Magazine
People Magazine
Self Magazine
C-Heads Magazine



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