Are u a strawberry or onion?

I have a theory … there are two kinds of people in the world… Strawberries (extroverts) and onions (introverts). With a sprinkle of hybrids… (They are tricky stronion, ha!)

Strawberries are vibrant and all the seeds are exposed, you know exactly what you’re getting there are no guesses. (An extrovert if you will).
Onions are reserved and take time to peel back to see what is inside and you might be suprised. There are many layers. Perhaps an introvert?

Often times, strawberries and onions are drawn to each other (sometimes not). It can be amazing, a perfect balance of vibrance and restraint. Or… it can be frustrating as hell if you’re not mindful of traits associated, which can lead to miscommunication and unmet expectations. strawberries cannot expect onions to bare their soul nor can onions expect strawberries to be reserved.
Now what?:
1) Figure out if you’re an onion or strawberry. Or are you a hybrid in different situations
2) ask yourself some questions
(- which one are your friends? Which do you gravitate towards? Which compliments your life in a dating, friendships, or coworkers?)
3) talk to your friends/ partner about it and find ways of communicating better



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