Surviving Drama Gracefully- 4 Tips !

We all have friends and family, right? And so there’s bound to be drama, right?

Heres 4 tips to avoid getting in the middle :

1) Their crisis is not your crisis…
I call it “catching the crisis”… You don’t have to own the situation. You can listening without “agreeing” or inserting yourself. Mostly people just want to be validated “wow that’s frustrating”, “oh my god that sounds awful”. So you can validate and walk away without the drama turning into “your” drama.

2) Set boundaries…
Sometimes there is some drama that is, sadly, fun to hear but sometimes not so much! It’s perfectly appropriate to tell someone “I hear what yours saying and I don’t want to get in middle” and then change the subject. It’s better to be straight forward rather than “giving hints” or assuming they “should know” you don’t want to talk about this anymore .

3) Breathe and release!!!!
If your starting to feel something in your body (tightening in the chest, racing thoughts, etc) acknowledge it But let’s not hold it! ! It’s your body’s way of saying “woah hold on what’s happening?” it wants to react so tell your body “no it’s ok it’s their stuff not ours” Breathe through it… (Try: Breathing nice fresh air into your body and breathing out the drama that is being produced around you). Your body will thank you!

4) For the love of god, get some air…
If you have a “fun-filled” family day make some alone time possible. Even five minutes or ten minutes. Take time to remind yourself to find perspective and decompress. Allow this time for yourself! Release that feeling guilt that comes when you need time for YOU!



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