What is a Wellness Warrior?

We are Warriors of the deepest concrete jungles… NYC! Our tribe spans the world. We are children of wellness (reiki, hypnotherapy, mindfulness). In fact you are one of us! We know there are more looking for relaxation and solace when the jungle gets too loud, too busy, and downright rough. I used to think that the techniques of  surviving this craziness was about yelling your way through the noise to be heard. Jumping up and down screaming “hey I am here too! Anyone listening? anyone see that no one is ok?”

Then I realized that I was not ok. I was not taking my own advise about looking inward, being true to your needs, and stop looking at what everyone else is doing while wondering why they’re doing it better.  Its like yoga… stay present, flow and feel, keep your attention on your OWN  sensation and Jesus Christ stop watching that hot pink belly shirt in the corner while wondering why your half pigeon isn’t “as good, “as graceful” as hers. So what, may my half pigeon looks that a dead pigeon but I’m trying. we are all trying. We are trying to find ways to fit our own needs into a world, a city, a life that sometimes does not listen to our needs. Join us… you’re not alone in your pursuit a full, bright, strong being that is done by staying true to YOU! We have stories and suggestions that we share. Some fit and help, some don’t… take them- don’t take them …. its all about you and your life, starting…. NOW!

Be your own Wellness Warrior!


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