Wellness on vacation

Ever come home after a vacation, needing another one? Are you looking for relaxation, reflection, and “getting back to zero”?

We all work so hard, why not take a vacation. Whether you’re going for a weekend to the Hamptons or flying across the country, we can still stay true to our wellness ways. If you want to go on a “no holds barred” trip, that’s ok too (that’s just one for another blog post).

We’re currently in the beautiful island of Aruba at Palm Beach, for rest and mental clarity gained by serene landscapes for our next wellness projects. It’s an inspiring, beautiful place with many options for healthy eating, adventure, and relaxation.

Here’s a couple ways to keep wellness alive during vacation:

– Keep your mind where your body is…

Isn’t it easy to be amongst beautiful scenes and still get caught up in daily thoughts (bills, work, and god knows what else). Perhaps there’s a code word we can use with our friends/family to stayed focused … AKA put the phone down! This will help you enjoy the sites and people around you. Like meditation, perhaps we can make a mantra to remind us to stay present. Something like, “I am here now” while placing your feet in the sand, as a way to ground your senses.

-Stay hydrated…

The allure of “the largest Marghretta on the island” could be very tempting annnnd how the heck is our body going to feel after that (lol!). If a vacation is to let loose then dammit you get that Marg! On the other hand, if being in the sun all day without a healthy water intake can be super unpleasant. No one wants to end up being hospitalized for dehydration, right?

Rule of thumb: on a regular day “they” (whoever that is) suggests 80 ounces daily.

– Stay lathered…

It’s not 1983 any more, tanning beds aren’t all the rage. healthy skin is in! Our 80 year old selves will really thank us for taking skin precautions now. According to dermatologist, having at least 45 SPF.

– Rest…

We Just want to go on a limb and say, “sleeping in and napping is ok while on vacations”. Traveling with folks who want adventure 24/7? Sure, that’s fun and if that’s not your jam that’s ok too. The idea of no rest for the weary would really be a hotmess, if we lived life this way all the time. So, you do you! If others are going hog-wild and you want to chill, feel confident in taking “me-time”. This is your vacation too.

Truly, there are no rules while you’re on vacation… and if you’re looking for relaxation than we hope you enjoy those little tips. We’re actively trying to keep them alive and well.

We can have our wellness and vacations too.

Thank you for visiting. Please share any tips you have with us in the comments section below.


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