“You Matter” A message to kids of the world

Disclaimer: Promise this is not a soapbox 🙂

After visiting a school, it made us wonder about children and their view of the world. We are firmly intrenched in a time that the children in the world NEED our love and support.  Not to be the barrier of bad news but in the last decades we have experienced vast number of school shootings/ childhood depression/ etc /etc. As Joyce and Stephen Singular contemplated poignantly, in their book The Spiral Notebook, is there a correlation between feeling truly connected to the community and mental wellbeing? Does this mean that if kids feel connected, there would be less violence in communities? We would need a whole book to answer that but could we stand to be more mindful of our own gestures to our younger generations? Perhaps.

Back to this school visit, as we entered the school we saw signs “You Matter”. The school is using this message, by encouraging students to write this message to eachother as much as possible, to create community and connection. Is this message the full answer? No probably not… but isn’t this a start?

What are your thoughts as people/parents/teachers/Warriors of the world

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