Loss is real … time to validate the feelings

Losing a job? Losing a friend? Losing a loved one?
This blog post is less about the answers and more about validating the feelings during those moments. They’re happening, man!
The feelings are real, deep, and gnarly. They’re that moment when it’s as if someone punched you in the stomach and laughed in your face.
They’re all encompassing and you can lose yourself in the roller coaster. Everyone has been on one of these rides at one point or another.
It would be amazing to have a magic wand to wish the feelings away and yet, we don’t have that. Damn!!!
So for now we ride out the feelings and name them, acknowledge them. Say “ok you punched me and freakin’ hurt”,” oh shit, I’m super anxious right now. Ok so there’s that”.
Sounds funny but just validating them can help ease into the sharp corners of the emotional roller coaster.

God speed & Keep riding, friends!



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