Hearts bursting with wishes to help… Our Journey to volunteer w/ BlackFeet Tribe

“Spending time with elders, we gain wisdom and stories that no other can provide” 

As seekers of wellness, we can’t help but be intrigued with the Native cultures and how they’re endured strife with courage and pride

We have a dream to give a gift of time and love to communities outside our own. The BlackFeet Reservation is one that speaks close to our heart… A tribe in the mountains of Montana. As many of us know, the pride has kept outsiders.. out (with good reason, let’s be real!). With the persistence of a wife and husband of Global Volunteers, the Tribe has allowed volunteers to empower the youth and elders. We hope you will think about sending us encouragement and ideas to raise money.

We are currently planning and raising money to send our founder, Michelle, to spend a week on the reservation, along with other volunteers. Based on Michelle’s training, she is excited to work with all ages of the tribe from the youth by increasing employment skills to spending time with elders at the senor citizen center.

Please share our story so that we can make this possible.

Visit our Gofundme site




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