Relax! What is that? 4 tips…

“Just relax” I hear someone say on my walk home on 6 ave and 34th. I laugh at the absurdity of that statement given my current location.
After a long work week in the city it’s hard to remember how to relax…
Here are some tips:

1) Let’s get physical:
This is not just for Olivia Newton-John any more kids. Even though your might be tired physically your mind is still holding some of that day. A friend of mine from Boston told me once she was “doing yoga to ease into my weekend “. What an interesting thing.
“Easing into a weekend”. Try doing something relaxing before you go home from work to separate from the work week stress.

2) Blow off steam:
Make a Friday night date with your friends. Get a little rowdy. You can’t go from intense work to complete relaxation so let your friends help you transition into relax mode. Laughter IS the best medicine!

3) The ” hot shower” is your friend:
Take a nice hot shower before settling into your weekend. People use showers to wake up so use the same idea to relax. Give your body permission relax your muscles (stretch those shoulders away from your ears. Move your head around – it will thank you!) Use some lavender or eucalyptus to help you find a quiet space and breathe deep.

Studies show that brain simulation of electronics 2 hours before bed effect our ability to relax. Instead try reading before bed.

Have any other ideas for your fellow warriors?



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