The Great Food Breakup : 3 reasons

I’ve mentioned before I am no gal that would starve herself for weight loss… I am however, open to doing a cleanse for wellness! So here I am 14 days into my “program” (organic/ local cleansing system) and trying to keep it all in perspective… “Why am I doing this?” I ask as I pass a bakery that I would love to eat my through…this is what I reminded my bakery- loving- brain and what I now know:

1) I wanted to live happy and without guilt… I am tired of stuffing my face because I would get over hungry and then feel all sorts of guilt.
> What I learned :
I have to eat every 2-3 hours and it really has to be fiber in nature with a ton of water (I’m talking 90-150 0unces a day)

2) I wanted to breakup with old habits:
I have literally gone to 3 different stores searching for a certain thing. I have rituals with certain types of food (that’s not sane) like i will eat a certain type of muffin from a certain store ONLY at
Night and only the bottom first. It’s like I’m making love to food. I want to enjoy food but not have this addiction to it.
> What I learned:
Eating is about fueling my body not my emotions or crazy rituals. When I eat every 2-3 hours I don’t go on scavenger hunts for food

3) I wanted control…
I have (maybe you have too) been at parties where I will literally belly- up to the food table even though I probably ate before I came. I was just at a BBQ where I had this moment where I was already full but just wanted to dive into the chocolate cake (I was NOT hungry).
> What I learned:
if I remind my self why I am doing this … Not for an upcoming wedding, not for a smaller waist, bla, bla bla but to feel HEALTH and WELL then it helps. Please don’t get me wrong this is only day 14 – I’m sure I’ll have some moments).

This leads me to my last “what did I learn”…. there is NO way I could do this without amazing friends and family cheering me on… It’s like a marathon of life… We need those signs “keep going”, “you rock!”, & “we love you”.

Stay present and mindful of why you’re doing what you’re doing … Your bakery- loving – brain will thank you!


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