How to support a friend that is grieving

Here’s the deal, sometimes people get stumped with their words during conversations, especially when the topic is emotionally charged. Being on the receiving end of a conversation about loss and grief is very complicated (understatement, right!?) Perhaps as complicated as grief itself.
So Rather than being upset that people don’t respond well or getting stuck with what to say let’s, learn from these social blunders

Before we jump into tips to support a friend, can we clarify that grief is not just the loss of a person; it’s losing ANYTHING. A marriage, a job, a promotion, a platonic friendship, a relocation, etc. Grief is in the eye of the beholder

Sometimes words are not the answer. Sharing the space with the friend, a “thinking of you” text , or a simple (authentic) “I’m sorry” is golden.
If the situation calls for more….check out the link below of the Top 10 tips of do’s and don’ts of grief from -> Do’s and Don’ts

Happy Healthy Helping Ya'll!



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