Things I learned about life while making my 1st Thanksgiving dinner

I made my first thanksgiving dinner …I wanted to start a tradition of cooking with my dad and have fun! I got to tell you it wasn’t as hard/ bad as people say. I learned a lot about the meaning of the holiday about love and family rather than perfection. Here are some tips to enjoy your cooking again.
Don’t overcomplicate things and just have fun…
Cooking the meal
Find a partner you can laugh with
– a cousin, sibling, or a great friend
– you can laugh at each other
– work well together
Cooking the bird:
– throw your bird in a bag and call it a day (go to the store and get a “turkey bag”.
* make sure your oven is on!!
(This has happen to us before- oh boy!)
Plan ahead
– trader joes precut veggies (no one cares if your knife didn’t cut them)
– rock out to Mannheim steamroller
At the dinner
– sit next to your favs
– take in the moment and breathe
– Keep conversations and leave politics at home. No one needs to be on a soapbox.

Enjoy and remember the holidays are for family and love!
Let us know what your tips are…






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